Return & Refund Policy

Return Policy

  1. Item must be purchased directly from us at

  2. Exchange items must be in original condition, return unworn/unused /unopened and in the original and complete pack quantity and accessories (example: item cannot be opened, used, altered, damaged, etc.)
  3. Consumables Items such as Food and Beverages, Toners and Ink Cartridges, Test kit are strictly NOT eligible for Returns.
  4. Tags and packaging must be intact for item(s) returned.
  5. All original parts and accessories must be included.
  6. Items purchased using Vouchers, Store Credits, Promotional Codes, and/or under Sales category are NOT eligible for Returns, unless special circumstances.
  7. Please pack the return item(s) securely. You may re-use the original packaging or any other form of packaging. Becon is unable to reimburse packaging material costs for exchanges.
  8. Send your parcel via a delivery method that allows tracking. Syarikat Kiang Trading Sdn bhd will not be responsible for any lost parcel.
  9. Returns will be acknowledged within 5 working days after we receive the returned item, and processed accordingly thereafter. In general, processing for returns requests will be completed within 14 working days.
  10. The purchase amount for the item (at time of purchase) will be fully refunded in the form of either online transfer or Credit Card Debit. Any discount, rebate, or promotion may be pro-rated accordingly.
  11. In the event where an item is out of stock, full refunds may be issued.
  12. Postage charges paid for completed orders are non-refundable.
  13. Meet-ups will strictly not be adhered to for exchanges and returns.
  14. Syarikat Kiang Trading Sdn bhd reserves the right to reject your exchange or return request if your item does not meet the above conditions or is deemed suspicious.
  15. For your returns to be valid, it must be mailed to us within the 7 days working days from your order’s received date. Late returns will be duly declined

What is NOT considered as Defective Returns?

  1. Product’s photos are taken under a professional studio environment thus there may be slight color differences from actual items.
  2. Deliberate damage of the item in order to make it eligible for exchange.
  3. Minor defects such as scratches, slight damages on packaging, slight asymmetry, slight misalignment of seams, or any reason that are similar in effect, are not considered as defects.
  4. In general, ‘defects’ that do not affect the general usage of the item when used will not be considered as defects and hence, are not eligible for defective returns.
  5. Defects which are caused/appear after handling by the customer are also not accepted for defective returns.


  1. Item’s eligibility or ‘defective’ enough to qualify for an exchange will be determined based on the discretion of Syarikat Kiang Trading Sdn bhd.
  2. Postage to Syarikat Kiang Trading Sdn bhd  for return / refund / exchange shall be borne by customer.
  3. Syarikat Kiang Trading Sdn bhd  will bear to-and-fro postages for defective or incorrect items only. Please email us at with the relevant details so we are able to proceed with the reimbursement.

Syarikat Kiang Trading Sdn bhd ( reserves the rights to amend any of the terms and conditions above.

This document was last updated on 1st July, 2022.

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